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  • Local expert
    The in-depth knowledge of the real estate market allows me to earn trust and provide real value to my clients.
  • Result-driven
    I strive to meet all of my client's needs and understand that repeat business and referrals are essential in today's market.
  • Professional marketer
    I combine digital and traditional marketing techniques to attract today's tech-savvy buyers and find unique off-market properties.
Began his career in the industry as a mortgage professional in 1990. Spent 25 years in the mortgage industry at which time he retired from the industry as a regional manager for Resource One Mortgage Bankers. He received his real estate license in 1994 and formed the brokership JA Home Sales with his wife Annette in 1998.
Helping buyers and sellers locate, purchase, and market homes.
John Workman, PhD.
Buying and selling is the most significant financial transaction and you shouldn’t be left to your own devices. I go above and beyond to get you where you want to be.
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John Workman, PhD.
John Workman, PhD.
JA Home Sales
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