Power to the agents. This brilliant startup is disrupting the real estate market.

I’ve been in real estate for only 6 months. But I have been fortunate enough to witness a real estate agent technology revolution.

The revolution where ordinary agents like myself are finally getting access to the online marketing tools which were previously available only to the elite brokers.

I want to share my journey so far to show how I built my brand with social media and online marketing all while saving $1500/mo on expenses.

The Website

I had a profile page on my broker website, but there was no way to customize it. Also, I wanted to have my personal website for autonomy in case I ever changed brokerages later in my career. So I started to search for someone who would create one for me. I instantly knew that I can’t afford an $80/hour freelancer who said it would take around 40 hours to build my website.

That’s $3200, just for the development of the website…not even including the ongoing maintenance.

I found much cheaper options on Fiverr starting from around $150 up to $350, but that price includes nothing but a raw template. They only install a template while I still have to do all the copywriting and materials. That wasn’t an option for me.

I am not the most tech-savvy person so I wanted to get it all done for me without investing too much time and money into this. There were just too many options on the table, they all had pros and cons. After around two weeks of searching, I just gave up on the website idea because it was taking too much of my time. I need to get the first deal so I decided to come back to the website idea later and focus on getting leads.


Just like any agent, I started with my SOI and while they all were very supportive there was no immediate opportunity that I could turn into my first transaction. I tried calling expireds & FSBOs, but with limited experience, it was really hard to get them to list with me.

All I wanted was brand new, highly motivated leads. I joined Facebook group dedicated to new real estate agents and asked other realtors for their advice on how they got leads. I was instantly bombarded with 20+ messages all offering help with generating leads. In reality, they all wanted money (at least $2,000 per month just for the ad management, not including the ad spend).

Basically, there are two options: buying leads from third-party sites or launching your own Facebook ads. From what I understood third-party sites often sell recycled and non-exclusive leads but mastering my own marketing campaigns sounded like an even bigger challenge because my tech skills were very basic.

At this point, someone posted a comment about a platform called Agently which lets you launch your own lead generation in just a couple of clicks. All I needed to do was to choose the lead type (buyer or seller) and specify my location. They were offering a 7-day free trial so I felt like I had nothing to lose.

Let the agent tech revolution begin

As with any free-to-try product I was not expecting much. I signed-up in a couple of clicks and then this happened…

Earlier I shared my struggles with the website. Well… guess what? They just created a modern and functional website the moment I signed up. Yes, you heard it right. I simply signed up for a free trial and got my personal agent website built for me the same moment I clicked “Register.”

It was a fully functioning website, with my headshot and contact information. Obviously, the copy was quite generic at first but I was able to edit later on by adding testimonials, the areas I served so much more.

This was enough for me to become their paying customer because they only charged $29/mo which is waaay more affordable than any other product I came across.

Let’s not forget, the only reason I signed up was because I wanted to generate leads. The fact that I now had a fully functional website was a HUGE cherry on top.

This was probably the first time in my life I was so impressed by technology (actually second, iPhone was the first time). All I had to do was to select the lead type (buyer or seller), specify my budget (I started with $35 for 7 days) and that was it. My first ever Facebook Ad campaign was launched before I knew it.

Facebook Ads in 2 clicks

So many agents I know are ignoring Facebook Ads because they think it’s too complicated, or they hired some freelancer and were disappointed with the results. Some even tried to teach themselves online marketing and purchased all kinds of training & courses, for hundreds into thousands of dollars, but never had time to complete it.

I think what Agently got right and many others struggled to understand is that real estate agents have a very limited amount of time to invest in learning new software. We just want it to work. Better done than perfect.

Social Media

Talking about time saving… Yes, there’s something else you need to know about this platform. It basically does all your social media for you. It just does it. They have 400+ real estate social media templates for agents. Each content piece is automatically personalized with my headshot and contact information. It takes one click to publish it to Facebook.

No editing required. I canceled my Canva subscription the same day because I get all the graphics and post copy done for me.

Agently is the first software that puts agents’ interests first. So the least I could do is spread the word about this wonderful product that is revolutionizing the way we agents work.

I no longer fear technology. I’ve adopted technology to grow my business.

I am not a marketer, not a website developer, not a graphics designer. I am a real estate agent. Agently allows me to be who I am.

You can sign-up here for free. https://agently.com/app/auth?sign-up

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