The #1 Piece Of Advice For New Real Estate Agents. Ignore At Your Own Peril

Do you try and copy what everyone else is doing?

Over 90% of agents are going to fail at this business. A big reason for that is because this business is hard, and the bar to get a license is so low. However, another huge reason why, is because everyone is trying to do the exact same thing.

The "Make 1000 phone calls and send 10000 postcards and 20 Facebook posts a day and stop at every FSBO" lines that the big brokerages give you are targeted at 50% of the 90% of people that would have washed out of the industry anyway.

The big names recruit new agents as much as they push selling houses. New agents come in and pay for signage and business cards and E&O insurance and desk fees and 1000 other things. They keep margins up and dilute the fees for the agents that actually sell.

I am routinely rolling my eyes at all the new agents that have read a book or faithfully follow a podcast about how to be a success, encouraging others to "make those 50 calls a day!" and "call everyone in your sphere!" Yep, and after a few of those, they are not picking up the phone anymore. Way to go!

The new agents go 3 ways:
  • Sign up and do nothing. Maybe a rental or their brother in law's listing. The rental is a 3 week long ordeal that involves everyone in the office. The listing is overpriced and never sells because they listed at the client's fantasy price instead of a real number. This agent drops out in 6 months to a year because they did no prospecting outside of their sphere.
  • The idiot who listens to the training lines. This is the person who went to all of the training and actually makes the calls, mails the postcards etc. They sound like a record in all of their conversations. They will talk to 100 Buyers and Sellers, but hardly ever close a deal. The clients realize that there is no substance behind the script and move on to a person instead of this robot. This person usually hangs on for a year or so because they feel like they're going to start closing the clients but they spend all of their time prospecting looking for new clients to not close.
  • The agent that gets a good grasp of the game. Learns how to read the MLS, build a network that drops referrals on them, can build a CMV that is spot on and can sell it to the client, will go out to get groceries and get a listing appointment during a conversation about cake mix. These people will never leave, because it's not easy, but it beats a real job.

If everyone is cold calling, door knocking, buying the same leads, advertising on the same sites and magazines, trying to build websites, using the same scripts, the same mailers etc. The efforts will prove to be futile 95% of the time.

The only thing you need to do

So what is the best way for an agent to get started, or a struggling agent to get going again? You. The only thing you need to do, is you.

"You may never sell 500 houses in a year, but the houses you do sell will be with people who love working with you."

Are you charismatic? Then you need to spend less time on Facebook and the phone, and more time on the streets. More time engaging people in everyday life.

One of the top agents I know spent his early days going to hair salons and getting a trim twice a month. Very engaging guy, he always made sure to subtly work the conversations into real estate.

Pretty soon he was selling all the hair stylist houses, then their clients houses, then their families houses and on and on.

"When I started, my PB wanted me in the office, making calls, sending mailings, waiting for someone to walk in the door and I hated it."

Are you terrible at comfortable conversation but really good at the technical stuff, like numbers, charts, markets? Then spend more time doing in-depth market analysis and be the pro at that.

If you can’t cold call or cold approach to save your life, but peddle your market analysis, charts, and technical work, you could go from single family residential and straight into commercial and development, you might land yourself over $15 million in deals without even having a social bone in your body.

Are you carefree, fun and engaging, but kind of an airhead...? Luckily, there is a huge market for that! Spend time engaging with groups of people, going out to social events, and joining bi weekly clubs. Post quirky stuff on Facebook. Make people want to be around you.

Every single person has a talent or quality that is above and beyond most other people. That is “you”, when you know you have that quality, what’s the point of doing what everyone else is doing? Especially if it isn’t “you”.

Here at Agently, with our done-for-you website, Facebook ads and social media content. We make make sure that your marketing and budget aligns with ''you''

"I am not a marketer, not a website developer, not a graphics designer. I am a real estate agent. Agently allows me to be who I am."

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