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Empowering real estate agents to reach more buyers and sellers through social media and online marketing.

Every Agent's Superpower

We believe agents are an essential part of transaction and are here to stay. DSCRIBE is the all-in-one solution for agents to succeed in the "new normal".

  • Build your brand with social media

    400+ real estate social media templates and your personal website to build your digital presence.

  • Generate your buyer & seller leads

    Select if you want "Buyer" or "Seller" leads and set your budget. DSCRIBE takes care of the rest.

  • Sell your listings 32% faster with AI

    Put AI to work to auto-generate beautiful listing descriptions and auto-enhance property photos.

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Generate buyer and seller leads

Simply select if you want "Buyer" or "Seller" leads and set your budget. DSCRIBE will auto-create ad copy, graphics, and audience targeting.

Don’t rely on non-exclusive leads from third-parties. Launch your own Facebook Ad in just 2 clicks.

Personalized social media content

Choose from the largest selection of real estate social media content.

  • 400+ ready-to-use templates with new content added every week
  • Each piece of content is personalized
  • Post directly to Facebook with 1 click

Your Personal Agent Website

Personal website is your number one go-to resource. Don't lose it all every time you switch brokerage. Start building digital presence that will stay with you throughout your career.

Sell your listings 32% faster

Sell 32% faster with auto-generated listing descriptions and auto-enhanced realty photos. Create a complete marketing kit with just a few clicks.

Agents loving it

I love the website and social media content. I love how diverse the content is. There’s a ton to choose from so I can really mix it up.

Emma Kemper

The Baird Realty

DSCRIBE is just a time saving machine! It only takes me 2 clicks to post. I used to buy Canva templates, but I ended up spending hours on editing and customizing them.

Jeff Miles

Paragon Real Estate

Social media feature is a game changer for me. I think this gives a lot of agents an even playing field if they aren't tech savvy. I use Just Sold, New listings and Testimonials quite a lot.

Van Parker

Redfin Dallas

New Lead Alert! 🎉

2 mins ago

Sarah Watson (San Diego) requested a call back.
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Reach more buyers and sellers with online marketing & social media.

  • Generate leads with Facebook Ads
  • Get access to 400+ social media templates
  • Auto-create your personal agent website
  • Auto-compose listing descriptions
  • Auto-enhance real estate photos
  • Auto-produce marketing kits

Frequently Asked Question

Who is DSCRIBE built for?

DSCRIBE is the easiest-to-use social media and marketing automation for real estate agents. It is built by agents for agents. Our goal is to enable all agents without advanced tech or marketing skills to generate business with online marketing and social media.

How can DSCRIBE help me grow my business?

DSCRIBE is a true real estate agent superpower. As soon as you sign-up you will be able to: create your personal agent website, automate your social media, auto-launch Facebook Ads to generate leads, auto-compose listing descriptions & auto-enhance realty photos, auto-generate beautiful marketing kits and much more.

Do I need training to start using DSCRIBE?

No. DSCRIBE is the simplest agent software you will ever find. It is designed to be so intuitive and user-friendly that any agent could start using it without any training. It only takes 3 clicks to create social media graphics or even launch your first ever Facebook Ad to generate leads.

How much does it cost?

You get a free 7-day trial to explore all the features and enjoy your free social media content. Once you explore all the features you can continue using DSCRIBE for only $29/mo, which makes it the most affordable real estate software solution. No minimum contract time - you can cancel any time.

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